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Sacred Beauty
2030 February 18 ((01:41 pm))

Sacred Beauty
2015 December 30 ((09:03 pm))

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Sacred Beauty
2014 December 26 ((12:38 pm))

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Sacred Beauty
2013 December 20 ((09:15 am))

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Sacred Beauty
2012 December 20 ((04:02 pm))

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Sacred Beauty
2010 December 08 ((04:51 pm))

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Sacred Beauty
2009 March 10 ((04:00 pm))

Se7en Girls Music Video

I'm so happy right now, you have no idea. I bought the song off of itunes last night (I know, wtf itunes. You tool.)
But it had to be done. I need to convert it to mp3 though 'cause itunes sucks. And it was only 256 kb/s! wtf I want 320 official copy. My sentences don't even make sense anymore.

My point is...watch it. Make him supah popular because he's awesome. Asian invasion, anyone?

Sacred Beauty
2007 January 23 ((09:12 pm))

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